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Website Design

The perfect online or mobile experience for your customers.

App Designs

The perfect android and iOS app experience for your customers.


Gain top-of-mind (and top-of-page) in online search results.

Branding & Creative Design

Create a striking brand or advertising campaign.

Social Media

Harness the ‘social’ in social media marketing. Become a beacon

Email Marketing & CRM

Cultivate and manage relationships with potential and existing customers.

Strategic Consulting

At the heart of everything we do for our clients is a solid strategy.

Talent Recruitment

Let us help you find the right marketing talent for your company.

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Engage your target audiences worldwide via top influencers.


Digital Marketing

As an O&E client, you will enjoy a full-service conversion optimization solution, including analytics, copywriting, design, development, and implementation. From testing which landing page variations generate maximum conversions to actually implementing and managing those changes, our team can handle the entire process
O&E conversion optimization service combines technical brawn and creativity to generate the best strategy for your business.
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Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria

O&E Technologies

Grow your business with our in-house fully-armed creative team. From creative ideation to execution, and creative testing to optimization, our team combines performance and creative in a continuous feedback loop.
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Social Media Optimization (SMO) puts your company in an optimum position to tap into the rich interactions that naturally occur in social media platforms—discussions about your brand and conversations between you and your customers.

When you work with our SMO team, you’ll get a clear picture of what people are saying about your company, where they are saying it, where you should get involved, and how to leverage social media to increase brand reputation and awareness.

  • Setting up your profile in social networking websites
  • Community building
  • Regular addition and tweaking of optimized, well-linked content
  • Generation of ideas for viral marketing, such as videos, events, news, articles, and many more to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities
  • Integration of blog, RSS, tagging and other tools to make your website social media friendly

    Promotion of your website through free and paid advertisements on social networking websites to drive targeted traffic (both geo-targeted and global)

    and more

    Broadened client base

  • Broadened reach/ target market
  • Improved conversions
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Cost effective online advertising

    Our SMO services are also designed to boost the impact of other online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, direct marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.

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  • Social media networking doesn’t come without its own potential pitfalls. If it is not planned and executed properly, it can damage your website’s online visibility rather than building it.
  • An SMO plan requires regular maintenance, networking and connections—and we can provide exactly that.

    Let O&E Technologies help you take advantage of social media in successfully driving visitors to your website. Contact us today.

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